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Chapter Five----FurtherDown
Chapter 5
Sans straightened up and closed his eye sockets for a little bit, opening them to look over at Frisk who he caught looking up at him with sorrow in her eyes. “What’s that look for kiddo?” Sans asked, looking down at Frisk with his dark, fatigued, eyes. Frisk had her arms crossed and gave him a stern look, intending that she was irritated. Sans took the cue and quickly apologized. “Alright, I know I should’ve told you and Pap sooner. M’sorry, okay?” Frisk, still wearing a stern look, pointed up at Sans telling him not to use his magic either. “Fine, fine and I won’t use my magic either ‘til Alphys clears me. Happy?” Sans asked, winking. Frisk, satisfied, gave him a warm smile, putting her arm down. “Good. Now, about what happened earlier-”
Frisk’s smile quickly faded at the thought of the man and Sans using his depleting magic. She lunged forward into Sans, grabbing his sleeves and burying her
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next time, don't make it so obvious by Shaderpeh next time, don't make it so obvious :iconshaderpeh:Shaderpeh 29 6 Contest Entry-planning by LazyLizard226 Contest Entry-planning :iconlazylizard226:LazyLizard226 11 4
Honey Tea [DeeperDown]
Sans crawled out of the tent as quietly as possible and sat down facing the mountain, a darker space against the stars. A breeze smelling of night rock and woods rubbed up under his jacket, against his ribs, like a cat. Out here on the Surface, the darkness was always bluish and luminous, never the pitch black of the dark caverns in Waterfall, and this softer darkness shimmered with the sounds of singing insects.
“Whole world’s a concert, huh?” he reflected to the crickets around him. They kept chirping as if he hadn’t spoken. It was the crickets, Sans told himself. Them and the other night noises he wasn’t used to hearing. It was that that kept him up.
The fact was, he’d never slept very well at night; a large part of the reason for his lazy attitude during the day, and being on the Surface was not helping. He was dreading a Reset despite himself, he was worried about the situation with the human city and how the other monsters were holding up under
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ToO LaTe (Deeperdown Competition Entry!)
“Human, awaken.”
Darkness. That’s all that Frisk could make out as her consciousness hazily began to return to her.
“Awaken, human. Do not test our patience. It is thinning.”
The warped voice caused Frisk to stir, and she blearily blinked her eyes open. “Mmm… mh?” she muttered, things starting to come into focus. The first thing she felt was the soreness of her neck and a strange tightness surrounding her torso.
“Ah. There you are. Good. We feared we had killed you."
It was then that the malicious expression of the possessed flower finally registered in Frisk’s brain, and she startled upon seeing them staring down at her with red, glowing eyes. Frisk’s memory of recent events rushed back to her in a flash; breaking the RESET button; ‘Flowey’ showing up and kidnapping her; them hurting and threatening Sans; the avalanche of rocks as she was pulled into the darkness.
The creature’s ey
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Zeragii's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Varied
Hi there! I'm Zeragii :)

I am an art student with an Associate's degree in Fine Arts and am working on a Bachelor's in Fine Arts and Animation (and perhaps a minor in art history, but we'll see ;)).

I love to write, and have written quite a few fanfiction novels, and have worked on a few original ideas on and off that I hope may someday get finished and published. This is all kind of funny to me, since I am dyslexic, and it took my mom much patience and love to teach me how to even read. I was home-schooled all my life (except 10th and 11th grade), and am currently a student at a university.

I'm often referred to as a hobbit, not only because I'm quite short, but because "I tend to move, act, and talk like a hobbit", as I have been told. Whatever that is supposed to mean. ^^ Maybe it has something to do with me always being barefoot.... ;)

I love to read, books, fanfiction, articles and nerdy research, you name it. I'd read the backs of ketchup bottles if I didn't have anything else. I also love to write, as I mentioned, and do so now more than ever. Especially fanfiction, which I take very seriously. ;) I've written stories for Les tuniques bleues, Balto, F Troop, Top Cat, Chronicles of Narnia, Bone, Asterix, Wild Wild West, Peanuts, Disney (Three Caballeros), Mario, Hogan's Heroes, Inside Out, and Kung Fu Panda, and Undertale.

Art-wise, on here I do mostly fanart, since I don't quite trust the internet with my original works. ^^ My biggest project so far is my Undertale comic called DeeperDown. I am here on Deviantart, am on Fanfiction and Archiveofourown under the same name.

I play piano, am teaching myself the drums, know a little French, Portuguese, and Spanish, love odd creatures like bats, meerkats, and rodents of various kinds. Yeah. Yeah, I know. ^^

I am a born again Christian, which means I believe Jesus is God's son and that he came, died, and rose again to save me from my sins. I am always more than happy to talk about my beliefs, but I would never ram them down your throat. What kind of love is that? If I seem fixated on Jesus, it's because I am. I can't help but see the world through my beliefs. That's why it's called a "world view".

I'm a geek. I'm a nerd. I'm a Trekkie through and through. I love the tv shows of the 50s and 60s, and always will. I love mysteries. I love drama, angst, and hurt/comfort, but it's gotta have a happy ending. I do NOT like horror, sorry, no thank you. The most suspenseful I can stand is Alfred Hitchcock. ;)

And finally, I just love people. I've got problems of my own, and I am very open with them. I like to help people, befriend people, and just be there for them. In this world it's sometimes heard to find someone who will just listen. My MP box is always open for you. I count everyone a friend, unless they give me reason to believe they're not. ^^

God bless :heart:

Grateful artist and writer of DeeperDown Stamp by Zeragii
Okay! So, I am working on a project this semester (hopefully, as long as I can sell the idea to my professor within this next week). For it, I will be making a video on the pros and cons of Dyslexia. But, this being a senior college course, I have to do a bit of research. AND, if some of you are willing to help, a small survey! Now, I doubt I'll get a lot of responses to this (though maybe you'll surprise me), so maybe it isn't so much a survey and more of an interview.

I need any of you willing folks who know that you have Dyslexia to answer the following questions. You don't have to give your real name or anything, I just need some data to base some of my own theories on. ;) If you yourself don't have dyslexia, but you have a friend or family member who does and is willing to do this, that would be amazing! If I don't get ANY responses, don't sweat it guys, I'll manage. ;)

Please post your answers to these questions below this journal OR send them to me in a private note as soon as you can. THANK YOU!

  • What areas of your everyday life does your dyslexia effect the most?
  • If you are currently in school, what subjects give you the most trouble? And if you are out of school, what subjects DID give you trouble back in the day?
  • Have you found ways to adapt to all or some of those subjects?
  • Do/Did you have trouble learning how to read? If so, what does/did it feel like?
  • Is it easy, hard, or "impossible" for you to tell time on a non-digital clock?
  • On a scale from 1 to 5, do you think in pictures? (1 being "no, not at all" and 5 being "yes! Constantly!")
  • Are you good with directions, or do you get lost ALL the time?
  • How does math make you feel? Do you like it, or is it the exact opposite?
  • Do you know of any other people in your family that have it?
  • Do you find that schools accommodate well for people with dyslexia, or do you think that they sort of just leave you in the dust?
  • What SKILLS would you say stem from you having dyslexia?
  • What are/were you best/favorite subjects in school?
  • Do you find concentrating easy, or are you "daydreaming" at every opportunity?
  • How does knowing you have dyslexia make you feel? Do you see it as a hindrance, or a gift?
  • How much do you know about dyslexia, outside of your own experiences?

That'll do, I think. Again, I won't give your names (not even your online ones). Dyslexia is nothing to be ashamed of, and I am VERY dyslexic, so I know what it feels like. I want this project to better explain and stand up for those of us with this so-called "disability", and I have found that people are genuinely curious. I hope some of you can help me! THANK YOU!

- Zeragii


Hey there! Just kind of wanted to let you all know I'm alright. ^^ That was a rough couple of days, and I really appreciate all the kind words and patience you had for me. :heart: I released a lot of pent up emotion by going crazy with the DeeperDown pages, so, heh! ;) So, thank you all so much. :hug:

As for the DeeperDown art contest, I'm a-workin' on it! Whew! You guys didn't make it easy on me! ^^ They're all so amazing! And (did i already say this?) there are over 70 entries! I was thinking of judging the written works and the art work seperately, but I'll explain all that a little better once I figure things out. My brother and sister are helping me judge. It's a lot of fun, because we three sit down and discuss your work, like we actually know a lot about art. Pfft! ;) So, yup! Okay. That's all I got for now ^^ See ya!
DeeperDown Page 328
And so ends another scene. And my work on this comic for this week. ^^ Plenty more of this story to go; hope you're all along for the ride! ;)



DEEPERDOWN COMIC SITE: gettingdeeperdownwithundertale…

Frequently Asked Questions About DeeperDown

MY TUMBLR!!!!! ----------->
DeeperDown Page 327
It is just NOT his day.

Alphys' device is not a perminent fix. Something's gotta be done about his HP, or he'll be in for another shock. And another. AND another. Better scaddle off to New Home and find some grub, QUICK!

DeeperDown Page 326
Oop! I take it back. I said I was going to post the next pages tonight, because I thought I was leaving to go somewhere. I'm not. ^^ So here ya go!

Sans is...He seems to be holding somewhat of a grudge. But, then again, he has every right to be wary of Flowey, or even hate him. He is the judge, and he is making judgement. (though, i'm sure we all personally are realing feeling for Flowey right about now. Sans, don't be a jerk! Even if it's well founded!)



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Hello, how are you today ?

I think I have improved ... and I would like to have your opinion :  Sans sketches by Sandy06
What do you think ? I will do the same thing for the other characters.
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Hi, so I actually have a question. I'm kinda sorta new to deviant in general and I found your account about a month ago and really love Deeper down and War crimes which brings me to my question. Are you still writing War crimes or is over?
Zeragii Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2018  Student General Artist

Yes, I am still writing War Crimes, but I am currently in the process of rewriting it a bit. I realized that my ideas for it were starting to weaken, because I hadn't started out with a strong enough story to begin with. SO! I'm not changing the MAIN idea of the story, but I am giving it a mild overhaul. So, no worries, once I can get the ol' head moving again, there will be more ^^
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I don't know if you dislike links or not. I don't even know if you like fangames. There is this game call Undertale: Kissy cutie in a demo right now. Link here:…

You can download it if you have LINUX, MAC, PC, or ANDROID. Or not. just a suggestion. I would be suspicious too about the link. But their game page is here.…

It be like one of them dating sims, but without all of the dates and ships as far as I can tell. Please put this under consideration.

Thank you for reading this if you did. :)
Zeragii Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018  Student General Artist
Hi there!

Oh no, I enjoy links! I mean, I have to be careful sometimes, seeing as ya never know where they'll lead, but I clicked on yours and that's really cool! Undertale fans get so creative, it just blows my mind! I'd download the demo, but I think it might take up too much of my memory space at the moment ^^ But cool! I'm going to be keeping my eye on this! ;)

And you are very welcome ^^ Chat me up any time (I always try to answer, even if it isn't right away ^^)
Hunnigans3rrandB0y Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Not a problem. 
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I like how your art style looks Disney-inspired!
Zeragii Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018  Student General Artist
Thank you! 
Heehee, I am not surprised that it reminds you of Disney ;) When I was first learning to draw when I was nine, I learned by watching and drawing characters from Disney movies. So a lot of that style stuck with me :heart:
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Hi! <3
Zeragii Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018  Student General Artist
Hello there! How are you? ^^
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