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Deeper Down Thing by Pika-Kitty-Liata Deeper Down Thing :iconpika-kitty-liata:Pika-Kitty-Liata 8 1
Chapter Nine ---- FurtherDown
(A.N. Sorry, I meant to post this last night. Whoops. :))
Sans stood quivering before the entrance to the god forbidden Underground, dripping with rainwater. “Uh, eheh, F-Frisk? Buddy? What are we doing here? We, I, think we went the wrong way, kiddo.” Gripping his chest again, Sans felt his invisible stomach twist. “This, this is the Barrier, this can’t be where you wanted to go, r-right?” Frisk stood with her head hung low, her eyes closed, her hands balled up into fists. She snuck a look up at Sans who had his eye sockets locked on the entrance, then looked up with a determined look on her face towards the mountain. Frisk started to walk closer to the opening, when Sans quickly grabbed her wrist pulling her back to get her attention. She didn’t flinch, but looked back with sorrow in her eyes.
“Right?” Sans asked quickly, eye sockets widening with fear, pinpricks intensely searching her face for answers. Frisk looked back at him solemnl
:icontheanimatedfox4:THEANIMATEDFOX4 1 2
Deeper Down Fanart! by Corzev Deeper Down Fanart! :iconcorzev:Corzev 29 2
Chapter Eight ---- FurtherDown
(A.N. I am SO sorry that this chapter took SO LONG. I promise, the flow of chapters will resume. Also, in this past week I have written a bunch of stuff, which I will type and post, so that’s coming too I guess. Hope you enjoy Chapter 8 overall, and if you haven’t read FurtherDown so far yet, then I highly recommend it, especially if you’re stuck in the Undertale fandom like me. :/ There’s obviously eight chapters and about 28.5 pages altogether, so go ahead, knock yourself out. :) It would really make me happy! Thanks much, have a good day/night!)
The rain poured nonstop as the monsters treaded along the Earth, the ground wet, and squishy under their feet. Like pebbles, the large, heavy, raindrops pelted against the monster’s skin and fur, the gloomy, grey, sky reflected their emotions. Water ran down the sides of a large, old, boulder that rested on the right side of the trail they followed. Lightning flashed before Papyrus’s eye sockets, th
:icontheanimatedfox4:THEANIMATEDFOX4 1 2
Undertale - Art style challenge by TC-96 Undertale - Art style challenge :icontc-96:TC-96 4,144 671
Chapter Six----FurtherDown
Chapter 6
Frisk was huddled under layers of blankets that wrapped her like a burrito. A soft, fluffy, burrito. Her face was scrunched up into a panicked look, a look that showed uneasiness. Worry. She started to toss and turn, restless in her sleep as she fought an invisible force. In her mind, a vast, dark and empty place. “Mmmh,” Frisk moaned as she got to her feet, within her dream. Rubbing away the slight ache her head, she opened her eyes to look around as to where she was exactly. For she was in her dream, asleep in reality, but that wasn’t of her knowledge at the time. As Frisk pressed her fingers to her temples, she spun around to look and get her bearings. Confused, she called out to see if anyone was with her, maybe even keeping her hostage. As she continued to look around even more, all she saw was red, endless red. “Hello?!” She called out once more.
Suddenly, a shaky, skeletal, hand reached out from within the redness towards Frisk. It grabbed
:icontheanimatedfox4:THEANIMATEDFOX4 1 0
FurtherDown---Part Two Interlude
(A/N)-- So this is just a transfer from one part of the story to the next. It’s just a basic summary of the previous part. I’ll do this about every 4-5 chapters or so. It’s not particularly important, so you don’t have to read it. But you still can. :)
As the feeling of something notorious and rather evil, made Sans’s skin crawl -the skin he didn’t have- he felt the weight of guilt piling up onto his ribcage. Nevertheless, he still felt the eerie sensation. Or rather sanssation? Along the rhythm of the night, the humans had proven themselves to be too good for monsters, using their children’s nightmares and stories as a pitiful excuse. While Frisk, had proven herself to be worthy of Sans’s protection and honesty. Sans had also proven himself worthy of every monster’s respect that night too by devising a plan, that while it still had it’s risks, was completable and easy to follow. But even the best of nights, h
:icontheanimatedfox4:THEANIMATEDFOX4 1 0
Chapter Seven----FurtherDown
Chapter 7
Asgore sipped his tea, bathing in the brisk sunlight as Toriel waltzed over somberly and poured herself a cup of tea. “Mm,” Asgore murmured, acknowledging her presence. Toriel sat down next to Asgore, looking over at her ex-husband with dismal. “Good Morning, Asgore.” Toriel said, reluctantly before taking a sip of her tea. Asgore choked a little on his tea, surprised at her comment. “O-Oh! Toriel, Good Morning! How, uh, did you sleep last night?” Asgore asked nervously. “Fine. You?” Toriel responded, never looking up from her cup of tea in her hands. “As best as can be expected. I have a lot on my mind.” He admitted. Toriel looked up at Asgore and stared him down for a bit. “I bet you do.” She said in an annoyed tone.
“Toriel, Tori, listen. I-l wanted to apologize to you for what, what happened all those years ago. I know we have been avoiding the subject. But it has been two weeks since our freedo
:icontheanimatedfox4:THEANIMATEDFOX4 1 0
Sans vs Frisk - WIP by TC-96 Sans vs Frisk - WIP :icontc-96:TC-96 2,710 409
Chapter Five----FurtherDown
Chapter 5
Sans straightened up and closed his eye sockets for a little bit, opening them to look over at Frisk who he caught looking up at him with sorrow in her eyes. “What’s that look for kiddo?” Sans asked, looking down at Frisk with his dark, fatigued, eyes. Frisk had her arms crossed and gave him a stern look, intending that she was irritated. Sans took the cue and quickly apologized. “Alright, I know I should’ve told you and Pap sooner. M’sorry, okay?” Frisk, still wearing a stern look, pointed up at Sans telling him not to use his magic either. “Fine, fine and I won’t use my magic either ‘til Alphys clears me. Happy?” Sans asked, winking. Frisk, satisfied, gave him a warm smile, putting her arm down. “Good. Now, about what happened earlier-”
Frisk’s smile quickly faded at the thought of the man and Sans using his depleting magic. She lunged forward into Sans, grabbing his sleeves and burying her
:icontheanimatedfox4:THEANIMATEDFOX4 1 0
next time, don't make it so obvious by Shaderpeh next time, don't make it so obvious :iconshaderpeh:Shaderpeh 36 8 Contest Entry-planning by LazyLizard226 Contest Entry-planning :iconlazylizard226:LazyLizard226 16 4
Honey Tea [DeeperDown]
Sans crawled out of the tent as quietly as possible and sat down facing the mountain, a darker space against the stars. A breeze smelling of night rock and woods rubbed up under his jacket, against his ribs, like a cat. Out here on the Surface, the darkness was always bluish and luminous, never the pitch black of the dark caverns in Waterfall, and this softer darkness shimmered with the sounds of singing insects.
“Whole world’s a concert, huh?” he reflected to the crickets around him. They kept chirping as if he hadn’t spoken. It was the crickets, Sans told himself. Them and the other night noises he wasn’t used to hearing. It was that that kept him up.
The fact was, he’d never slept very well at night; a large part of the reason for his lazy attitude during the day, and being on the Surface was not helping. He was dreading a Reset despite himself, he was worried about the situation with the human city and how the other monsters were holding up under
:icontrefoil-underscore:Trefoil-underscore 7 12
Deeper Down Art Contest by FollowerofIanite Deeper Down Art Contest :iconfollowerofianite:FollowerofIanite 38 5 DeeperDown contest entry by StargazerDaNightwing DeeperDown contest entry :iconstargazerdanightwing:StargazerDaNightwing 9 2




Zeragii's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Varied
Hi there! I'm Zeragii :)

I am an art student with an Associate's degree in Fine Arts and am working on a Bachelor's in Fine Arts and Animation (and perhaps a minor in art history, but we'll see ;)).

I love to write, and have written quite a few fanfiction novels, and have worked on a few original ideas on and off that I hope may someday get finished and published. This is all kind of funny to me, since I am dyslexic, and it took my mom much patience and love to teach me how to even read. I was home-schooled all my life (except 10th and 11th grade), and am currently a student at a university.

I'm often referred to as a hobbit, not only because I'm quite short, but because "I tend to move, act, and talk like a hobbit", as I have been told. Whatever that is supposed to mean. ^^ Maybe it has something to do with me always being barefoot.... ;)

I love to read, books, fanfiction, articles and nerdy research, you name it. I'd read the backs of ketchup bottles if I didn't have anything else. I also love to write, as I mentioned, and do so now more than ever. Especially fanfiction, which I take very seriously. ;) I've written stories for Les tuniques bleues, Balto, F Troop, Top Cat, Chronicles of Narnia, Bone, Asterix, Wild Wild West, Peanuts, Disney (Three Caballeros), Mario, Hogan's Heroes, Inside Out, and Kung Fu Panda, and Undertale.

Art-wise, on here I do mostly fanart, since I don't quite trust the internet with my original works. ^^ My biggest project so far is my Undertale comic called DeeperDown. I am here on Deviantart, am on Fanfiction and Archiveofourown under the same name.

I play piano, am teaching myself the drums, know a little French, Portuguese, and Spanish, love odd creatures like bats, meerkats, and rodents of various kinds. Yeah. Yeah, I know. ^^

I am a born again Christian, which means I believe Jesus is God's son and that he came, died, and rose again to save me from my sins. I am always more than happy to talk about my beliefs, but I would never ram them down your throat. What kind of love is that? If I seem fixated on Jesus, it's because I am. I can't help but see the world through my beliefs. That's why it's called a "world view".

I'm a geek. I'm a nerd. I'm a Trekkie through and through. I love the tv shows of the 50s and 60s, and always will. I love mysteries. I love drama, angst, and hurt/comfort, but it's gotta have a happy ending. I do NOT like horror, sorry, no thank you. The most suspenseful I can stand is Alfred Hitchcock. ;)

And finally, I just love people. I've got problems of my own, and I am very open with them. I like to help people, befriend people, and just be there for them. In this world it's sometimes heard to find someone who will just listen. My MP box is always open for you. I count everyone a friend, unless they give me reason to believe they're not. ^^

God bless :heart:

Grateful artist and writer of DeeperDown Stamp by Zeragii
Well, despite yesterday being...not the best, losing my grandfather, before I knew about it I spent the WHOLE day at my school. I worked on schoolwork for HOURS, with the self-set reward and determination of finally finishing at least ONE section of my audio for DeeperDown. And guess what? I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it only seemed fair to share it, after all of your patience. :D

It's not posted on Youtube yet (not sure quite when I'll do that), but it is available right here: gettingdeeperdownwithundertale… on my DeeperDown site.

Please leave me feedback on how you thought it was, either here or on the site! This literally took about 5 hours, but I truly enjoyed making it! HAVE FUN! And, again, please let me know what you think! :heart:

*leaves to go grudgingly to her dentist appointment...moan...*


Whoa. WHOA!
*just realized she now has 4,000 watchers.*
*Zeragii finishes her 8 minute long animation final, two papers, and presentation. Then crawls off to bed to sleep...*

Coming up on the end of classes here guys, then I am going to go DeeperDown, War Crimes, and general artwork cRaZy!
Two or three weeks of classes left. ^^ Wooooork'n hard ;) I was going to go to the school and work all day today, but the weather had other plans. Yesterday it was warm, and sunny, and I went out and played basketball with my friends....and now its cold, sleeting, and too slippery to leave the driveway....Yup. Fuuuuuuuun ;)
35 deviations
DeeperDown Page 348
I gave the fire elemental slightly irragular speech (as well as italics) because I seem to remember reading a few stories once that mentioned Grillby having a thick accent of sorts. This made sense to me, seeing as he's such an unusual type of monster, and the fact that one of the patron's at Grillby's bar was always translating for him. ;)



DEEPERDOWN COMIC SITE: gettingdeeperdownwithundertale…

Frequently Asked Questions About DeeperDown

MY TUMBLR!!!!! ----------->


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